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Original Modules
Custom Apps
+7 mln

Odoo Main Advantages

Main Advantages compared to other ERP solutions

Platform Independent

Odoo works on any browser, so it doesn't depend on any OS your computer uses.

Open Source

If your company has special needs, we can handle them with Odoo by developing a custom module or modifying an existing one. If you a clear vision it means we can do it!

More then 30000 modules

Odoo has a world wide community, which brings custom developed solutions for all business needs.

Odoo Additional Advantages

With Odoo you get more then you can imagine

World Wide solution

Odoo is continually adopting to every countries specific needs. Works in more than 50 countries around the globe.

Multi - Company management

All group companies can be managed with one solution.

Mobile solution

Manage your business on your phone. 

Odoo is a Mobile friendly solution.

Boost Your Sales With Sales Apps

Keep track of all interactions with your customers and improve your sales cycle
Convert quotations into sales orders with a single click  and track them through their payment
Set up your retail shop  quickly and easily. 
Integrated Inventory  Management
From Scheduling to Invoicing your full rental process managed in one place
Recurring billing & subscriber management the easy way

Synchronise your Amazon sales with Odoo

Streamline Your Operations  With Inventory and Manufacturing Apps

Maximize your
warehouse efficiency

Automate fulfilment to maintain correct inventory levels
The comprehensive work centre control panel solution

Speed up operations at every step
Define quality control points and trigger quality alerts easily

Plan preventive maintenance and act quickly to correct problems

Easily Manage Your Finances With Finance Apps

Record all invoices in your books and keep track of payments.
The fastest online
Accounting app


Manage contracts, create recurring invoices,
bill timesheets, get paid faster

Get a full overview of em ployee expenses, streamline the approval process, and track all records
Save time recording bills, scanning contracts, approving documents, and become a paperless company

Send, sign and approve documents online.
Upload your PDF and drag & drop fields easily

Human Resources Apps for modern companies  

Successfully manage
your employees. Oversee all important information for each department at a glance

 Streamline your recruitment process. Index resumes, track applicants, and search profiles.

Manage leave requests and employee allocations. Update calendars automatically

Follow-up on employee development. Set-up appraisals and help your employees grow and evolve.

Create Your Website with Website Apps

Website Builder
Design a fully-featured modern website
Sell anything.
Fits to all kind of businesses.
It has hundreds of ready-to-use features.

Beautiful open source blogging platform

Encourage collaboration
and generate insightful discussions. Improve your product support.
 Perfect Learning Management System to enable Community learning, share knowledge, and inspire others.

Live Chat
Engage with visitors, deliver real-time support to customers

Our Agile Implementation Guide

1. Kick-Off meeting

After signing a contract with us, the first priority is to meet and introduce your super employees, about our fresh project! During Kick-Off meeting we are preparing basic steps, needed to all parties to control an ERP project. This is very important part, because during this part we are preparing Key Users, defining their roles, Preparing project plan, and responsibilities, which users will be responsible for which part. Whole project team will be involved and get their responsibility part, to get your ERP project faster and better route.

2. Business Need Analysis (Blueprint)

During this stage, our Odoo ERP consultants with your experienced people will analyse the process of your company and prepares GAP document. This documents provides us with an insights of you company and the gaps which needs to be fulfilled in order to automate you processes. 

During this stage, we are preparing a Blueprint document of all requests. If required we are also able to provide Process diagrams of AS-IS and TO-BE process after Odoo implementation.

3. Realisation

After preparing Blueprint document and knowing all of the processes, now we are able to deliver Full Featured Prototype. During this stage we try to implement Odoo without any customisation, but trying to cover at least 80% of the required process in our newly ERP.

Some steps after this stage still might be manual, but automation will get covered in the next phases. In this stage we are using Agile methodology for testing and working with our Customers.

4. Custom Developments & Data Import (Preparation to go Live)

This stage brings up automation process and real data import to our Test environment. During this stage we are testing and customising Odoo ERP per your needs, to have as much automated system as possible.

With our Agile approach, your Employees will get to know Odoo better, understand how the system works, test the software together with us. Also this stage will have an integration with third parties. During this stage we use Agile circle for Process composition, Service modelling, Development and Service implementation and testing.

5. Full Testing & Validation

Once the software is ready, now we are able to fully test it with all users and validate necessary developments.

Together with our Consultants in this phase Employees will test and fully validate all developments done to automate your process. This phase is a green light, which should be marked for us to go into production environment. 

6. Go Live

After all of the previous steps are completed it is time to Go Live with your Odoo ERP solution. During this stage we are fully supporting you, and making the great things happen in your process with Odoo ERP.

Enjoy you new software, which fully supports all of your processes in one unified software.

Quick Start

If you care about your Time, then Odoo is the most suitable software for you. With Odoo you can start your ERP software with few months.

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Custom Implementation

If you have specific needs or processes to be integrated into Odoo's standard software, we are here to help! Our professional team members and approach to project management can customise and fit it to your needs.

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